OptiProERP for Telecommunications Industry

OptiProERP for Telecommunications Industry

The Telecommunications industry is about managing projects. The name might vary between firms but in terms of the business process it is about managing costs against a specific engagement. The job involves engaging the customers to understand the needs.The technological advancements and growing number of players have stagnated revenue from core communications services. OptiProERP software solution for telecom industry helps you streamline processes and help manage costs. With years of successful implementations in the industry, OptiProERP software is recognized as one of the benchmarks in delivering proven success to these companies. Incorporating extensive tools and capabilities, OptiProERP handles configuration complexity, helping manufacturers easily define their complicated BOMs. These BOMs accommodate several separate mini-systems like storage area networks and equipment, middleware, software, operating systems, database server, portals, application servers and web servers.

Solution in Detail

With OptiProERP software solution offers 360 degree control over the complete supply chain, flexibility – the most desirous element of communication equipment manufacturers – is achieved effortlessly. Our ERP Solution streamlines all operations from order processing, inventory control to production, purchasing, sales, planning, CRM and warehouse management to empower manufacturers meet customer specifications without disrupting any of these processes.


With considerable experience in the Communication Equipment manufacturing sector, OptiProERP provides manufacturers with specific precision tools, promising better quality and supreme efficiency in their regions of operation. With its after sales service and CRM modules, our telecom ERP software helps them achieve greater customer satisfaction by giving them a clear picture of installed components, complaints received, action taken, action desired and much more.


OptiProERP seamlessly integrates with an entire organization, and firmly integrates every distinct yet dependent department to provide a smooth information flow. It greatly reduces investment needed, cuts down the amount of labour required, and also significantly condenses procedural delays.


Using OptiProERP production planning functionality, communication-equipment manufacturers can easily satisfy customers with on-time delivery at an affordable price.

OptiProERP benefits for companies in
the Telecommunications industry

Handles complex and multilevel BOMs.

Alternate item definitions, easy association of drawings and instant Sales Order to Work Order conversion.

In depth financial and performance visibility.

Upholds product quality with accurate inspection techniques.

Reduces the lead time in production and subcontracting operations.

Easily synchronizes changes between multiple processes such as sales, purchase, production, finance, etc.

Effectively manages, tracks and controls your inventory.

Excellent procurement process from vendor quotation, purchase receipt, quality inspection to voucher generation.

Instant and secured access to information, arming the company with timely decision making capabilities.

A Step Ahead

OptiProERP promotes Continued Technology Innovations with the new innovative telecommunications services and products being created and offered by service providers, device manufacturers and third parties.