OptiProERP for Medical Device Manufacturing

OptiProERP for Medical Device Manufacturing

While many industries are affected by economic downturns, the growth of medical technology remains largely undeterred due to its indispensable nature. Implanted defibrillators, female diagnostics, and cardiac monitoring equipment are rapidly growing market segments. Major products include surgical and medical instruments, such as syringes, hypodermic needles, and catheters, and surgical appliances and supplies, such as sutures, surgical dressings, and orthopedic devices. Other sources of revenue include lab equipment and furniture (centrifuges, scales, operating tables, hospital beds); ophthalmic goods (prescription glasses, contact lenses); diagnostic and anesthetic equipment; and dental equipment and supplies.

Solution in Detail

Turning to OptiProERP software is the best way to effortlessly evade every challenge in the medical device manufacturing sector. With in-depth knowledge of your industry, our ERP software for medical device manufacturers handles the complete product development cycle from proposing, designing, developing, precision setting, testing, enhancing, through to product maintenance. OptiProERP acts as a strong management leader for your firm with its business intelligence tools, dashboards and numerous reports.


With real-time visibility into the supply chain, OptiProERP meets your every business requirement as well as regulatory requirements. It helps you achieve engineering excellence that allows meeting specific requirements, attaching drawing and creating work orders. Your complex BOMs can be conveniently maintained, easily revised and instantly exploded as and when required. The Integrated Quality Control module checks the quality of parts through being received, issued, stored in inventory, production QC, part assembled, finally assembled and the end product being shipped.


Increasing cost pressures on manufacturers is evident with increasing raw material, transportation and labor charges paralleled by equally shrinking profit margins. OptiProERP’s Costing module considers all cost components and helps you evaluate, analyze and compare your parts cost, labor costs and the cost of final assembly. Our medical device manufacturing ERP software supports prototyping, iterations and revisions and conforms to your regulatory requirements.

OptiProERP benefits for companies in the
Medical Device Manufacturing industry –

Efficient tracking and managing of inventory to ensure sufficient supplies at all times.

Excellent planning and scheduling to fulfill customers’ demand.

Complete Sales module that support Make-to-Order, Stock, Spares and subcontracting.

Proper inspection and testing of parts ensuring high quality product.

Robust and easy to use CRM functionality providing fabulous opportunity management with a centralized database for sales, marketing and services.

BOM management to trace a product's life cycle- from design through manufacture to post sale.

Instant, real‐time visibility into operational information including total costs incurred.

Planning production with optimum utilization of available resources.

After sales service functionality for the equipment

Performs scheduling and routing during the course of manufacturing an item.

Better ensured quality standards compliance through QC.

A Step Ahead

Increased consolidation of manufacturers and distributors has been driven partly by customer consolidation: hospitals, doctor groups, clinics, purchasing groups, and MCOs. To buy in bulk at lower costs, customers form large buying groups, and sellers are more likely to get contracts with these groups if they can offer a wide product assortment. Other factors driving consolidation are shorter product life cycles and the high cost of new technology development. Having the correct medical device ERP software solution in place can act as a catalyst during the consolidation process.