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OptiProERP Implementation Methodology is designed to better serve customers by helping reduce the total cost of ownership. The OptiProERP Implementation Methodology helps increase the consistency, timeframes, quality and success of the engagements.
Implementation methodology
OptiProERP Implementation Methodology is a full lifecycle methodology because it encompasses all phases of a customer engagement. OptiProERP Implementation Methodology begins with a 'Discovery' phase to help the customer determine the right business functionality to meet their needs, followed by Solution Delivery phases to implement the solution, this also includes guidance for the operation and maintenance of the solution in production.
optiproerp implementation
OptiProERP Implementation Methodology has five phases: Discovery, Configure System, Verify Solution, Train & Cutover, Go-Live and Stabilize. The Discovery phase provides guidance on product capabilities.
configure system
The Configure System, Verify Solution, Train & Cutover, Go-Live and Stabilize phases represent the four phases of solution delivery, with the 'Stabilize' phase also including post-delivery activities, covering the transition of the production solution to support.
project management
Additionally, OptiProERP Implementation Methodology provides for Project Management and Organizational Change Management, with key functions support in a solution delivery engagement. OptiProERP Implementation Methodology also includes an overview of roles typically involved in an engagement, both from a consulting (solution provider) perspective and a customer perspective.
agile project methodology
The Agile project type represents an iterative approach to implementing OptiProERP at a single site requiring specific features and no customizations. The Agile project methodology uses the Sprint cycle approach to solution deployment and has a defined Statement of Work (SoW), does not include any customizations, is a template driven implementation and the user trainings are conducted in a classroom.

Fast-track Software Deployment
with OptiProERP

optiproerp software deployment

Standardize your implementation – and go live on-time and on-budget – with OptiProERP Best Practices. ‘OptiProERP Fast-Track’ is a time-tested, comprehensive implementation methodology, providing delivery guidance, project management discipline and field-driven best practices. ‘OptiProERP Fast-Track’ offers a proven path to successful deployment of OptiProERP solution and is designed to better serve our customers by helping reduce their total cost of ownership.

Additional implementation opportunities

eCommerce implementation for shopping cart processing

Shipping with major shipping process carriers

Warehouse barcode systems management and inventory

Secure payment processing and much more

OptiProERP Implementation – ERP Implementation made easier.