ERP for Automotive Industry

OptiProERP for Automotive Industry

The Automotive industry today is under dramatic and unpredictable transition. In the last decade, it has been forced to deliver superior levels of customer value through vehicles that are more reliable and far advanced in terms of safety, comfort, functionality, mileage and performance – delivering all this at significantly lower prices while remaining profitable. This requires a vast improvement in productivity, proper capacity utilization and greater flexibility that enables adapting to changes in customers’ preferences – all these can be achieved effortlessly with OptiProERP for the automotive industry.

Solution in Detail

OptiProERP software meets these unique needs through a range of industry processes and operations including procurement, production, inventory management, supply chain planning and business intelligence capabilities and forms the core solution for your discrete and mixed-mode manufacturing. With many manufacturers being unable to adapt new models to new times, the latest trends and the different markets in which they sell, OptiProERP helps with BOM and Routing features that give complete control over the engineering process while meeting customer specifications. The proper utilization of excess installed capacity is managed by OptiProERP’s Capacity Planning and MRP functionality.


OptiProERP is a complete ERP software solution providing greater flexibility, helping manufacturers respond rapidly to innovation while creating customer value. Our automotive ERP software assists in conserving resources, sharing risks, obtaining information, reducing the cost of developing products and improving technological capabilities.

OptiProERP benefits for companies in
the Automotive industry

Meets ever-changing customer requirements via Bill of Materials versions.

Controls engineering planning, processing and documentation of change orders in conjunction with BOM.

Effectively manages sales activities i.e. generates sales quotations, orders, manages customers, shipments, and invoices.

Instant modification of BOMs, and automatic creation of Work Orders, through Sales Orders.

Completes the procurement process from vendor quotes, indents, orders through receiving, inspecting, cost accrual and vendor payment.

Performs finite capacity scheduling and routing routines.

Easily deals with lot and serial tracking.

Effortlessly plans materials and manufacturing orders based on direct and indirect demands.

Perform in process quality inspection.

Tracks Labor Transaction and Manufacturing Order costs.

Integrally plans material requirements of your organization to meet commitments.

A Step Ahead

Today’s manufacturers are producing more environment friendly models because of legislation and consumer demand. Reductions in emissions and noise, combined with greater fuel economy, contribute to a greener environment. Manufacturers are also building more safety features into products. All these requirements need an efficient auto industry ERP software solution in place.


To compete globally, auto part companies are merging and forming partnerships and joint ventures with worldwide auto companies. Partnerships are often created for the mutual exchange of ideas. Big suppliers have expanded operations overseas. To keep or add business, smaller suppliers have followed suit, either by manufacturing abroad or expanding their international distribution system. This requirement is met by a global ERP solution, like OptiProERP.