OptiProERP for Apparels and Textile Industry

OptiProERP for Apparels and Textile Industry

The apparel and textile industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy with regard to investment, profits and employment generation all over the world. The important segments in this industry include home decor and furnishings along with clothing and fashion accessories for children, women and men. The industry includes knitting mills, but most apparel is cut and sewn.

Solution in Detail

The time consumed in actual sewing is not even half of the total time required in assembling an apparel. It’s a series of steps involving procuring/outsourcing raw material, designing, re-designing as per customer need, assembling, marketing, fit-in-sessions, and finally shipping to wholesalers/retailers that take the rest of the time. Add on to it, the short life of an apparel– driven by changing weather and climatic conditions, fashion trends and geography all affect the garment industry. So, manufacturers’ responsiveness, coupled with shorter and quicker supply chain movement, is a must. This vital time can be compressed using the nimble and nifty apparel ERP solution, OptiProERP software for textile industry seamlessly integrates all operations and gives you the capability to operate more effectively, respond quicker and grow more profitably.


Inventory is generally the largest asset for an Apparels manufacturer. The number of days of stocked inventory depends on the manufacturer’s products and strategies. The goal is to reduce inventory days while maintaining the right level of customer service. Our apparel ERP software manages this with ease.


Demand is largely determined by consumer tastes and the comparative costs of manufacture. The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient operations and the ability to secure contracts with clothing marketers. Smaller companies can compete effectively with larger ones by specializing in a particular type of apparel they manufacture. OptiProERP helps you manage your product portfolio, more efficiently.


OptiProERP is one of the leading ERP Software for the apparel industry that facilitates manufacturers to streamline their business and integrate information across departments and locations. Having the maximum number of variables in orders, items, events to be tracked, and much more, their management is the key to success. OptiProERP addresses these with ease and helps apparel manufacturers to accurately track their orders’ status, change design and BOM’s, transfer them instantly to work orders, handle small-scale batch runs and rapid re-orders, trace the product in its route, apply quality checks at every junction and then dispatch it to the customers. To wrap up all your management challenges, this discrete industry software provides numerous dashboards, evaluates KPIs and is intelligent enough to analyze, compare, report data and tracks all customer interaction.


OptiProERP software solution helps apparels manufacturers with functionality and technology to offer additional services such as subcontracted distribution capabilities or services like assembly, to streamline your operations.

OptiProERP benefits for companies in the Apparels
and Textile industry

Effectively manages sales activities i.e. generates sales quotations, orders, invoices and manages customers, pricing, discounts etc.

Instant transfer of Sales Orders to Work Orders with adept handling of interim changes.

Allows association of notes and drawings developed or received from customers.

Tracks Labor Transactions and Manufacturing Order costs.

Multiple units of measure support inventory of fabric in square yards and purchasing in rolls or pounds.

Successfully incorporates the common purchasing activities from vendor quotes, indents, orders through receiving, inspecting, cost accrual and vendor payment.

Centralized as well as multi-location production planning runs

Meets the ever changing customer requirements via Bills of Materials.

Efficiently plans your purchase and production orders by generating demand and forecasts within the defined time frame.

Shipment performance tracking against planned shipment date for example, percentage of shipments on time, or percentage of shipments completed.

A Step Ahead

OptiProERP promotes Improved Manufacturing Practices – Greater automation can decrease costs and provide more consistent quality. Although the industry doesn’t expect to achieve fully automated manufacture, the labor content of apparel is likely to decrease during the next decade. New ways of assembling garments and e-Commerce will bring digital transformation
in the business.